Mesh-Ready Home


Building a home?

After the framing is done, and before drywall goes up, let Sci-Tek Systems perfect your WiFi coverage to support all the devices your family will soon be using.


Built-In Access Points

The Mesh-Ready Home will have access points (APs) on each floor, and when necessary, on each side of the home. These access points will look similar to smoke detectors, and will be placed on the ceiling, with all wiring concealed behind the drywall. Power will be provided via Power-Over-Ethernet (POE), so you will see no power outlets near the AP. 


Smooth, Seamless Coverage

In a Mesh-Ready Home, you will be able to move freely throughout the house while using WiFi, and as you do, your devices will jump from AP to AP to keep you on the strongest connection.  All of your devices, even the ones on the far reaches of the home, will have no trouble connecting to the network.